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Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings for Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural

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Metal Buildings Solution

Metal Buildings design from Havit Steel provides an optimized solution for your project. Our professional team is ready to serve any buildings. We can provide you with the most efficient design and construction plan, which is fast and smooth to complete construction for your steel building projects.

Metal Buildings
Steel Barn Building
Steel Barn Building

Steel Barn Building

Steel Barn Building has a variety of purposes on-farm, such as equipment storage or animal shelters. The barn is the…

Steel Shed Building
Steel Shed Building

Steel Shed Building

Steel Shed building is pre-engineered steel structures that can use for storage in a variety of applications, agricultural machinery, or…

Metal Storage Building
Metal Storage Building

Metal Storage Building

The metal storage building is modern solutions for all your storage needs. The strength and durability of the steel structure…

Heavy Steel Workshop
Heavy Steel Workshop

Heavy Steel Workshop

With the development of society and the economy, to meet the increasing scale of production and operation, industrial manufacturing enterprises…

Metal Buildings Specification

The metal buildings uses steel to form a load-bearing structure. Generally, beams, columns, trusses, and other components made of section steel and steel plates constitute a load-bearing structure, which together with roof, wall, and floor, form a building.

Compared with traditional concrete buildings, metal structure buildings use steel plates or section steel instead of reinforced concrete, higher strength, and better seismic resistance. And because the components can be manufactured in factories and installed on-site, the construction period is greatly reduced. Due to the reusability of steel, it can greatly reduce construction waste and become more environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is widely used in industrial buildings and civil buildings all over the world.

1. Greatly save construction time. Construction is not affected by the season
2. Increase the use area of buildings, reduce construction waste and environmental pollution
3. Building materials can be reused, stimulating the development of other new building materials industries
4. Good seismic performance, easy to transform, flexible and convenient in use, bringing comfort and so on
5. High strength, lightweight, high safety and wealth of components, and lower building cost

1. Heat-resistant and non-fire-resistant, fire-resistant coatings are required
2. It is susceptible to corrosion, and the surface needs to be coated with anti-corrosion coatings to reduce or avoid corrosion and increase durability

Metal Buildings

Metal Building Kits

Steel Building Kits design from Havit Steel with advantage of Fast and Simple Construction, Wide Range Of Uses, Reasonable Cost, lower price than concrete building structure.

Metal Buildings Cladding

Metal Cladding System

Metal cladding system includes wall and roof cladding, skylight sheet, trim and flashing, gutter and downspout, insulation, which are essential components of metal building.

Metal Buildings

Steel Building Specs

Steel Building Specification provide the basic information about the Prefab Steel Building, which include Steel Warehouse, Industrial Workshop, Shed, and Garage Building.

We Are Here To Serve Any Type Of Metal Buildings

Please contact us. There’s a lot we can do for your steel building projects, small or large. Our team will provide you with the best quality construction solution


Prefab steel building structure is widely used in various construction structures. It is suitable for workshop structures with large spans, large loads or cranes, vibration or high temperature, and frames requiring movement or frequent assembly and disassembly and houses in earthquake-prone areas.

prefab steel building structure

The forms of prefab steel building structure:

Large-span steel structure

Space structure functionally refers to a structural system that can form a larger continuous space, mainly including grids, reticulated shells, cable-membrane structures, and combined and hybrid structures. Its characteristics are sizeable continuous span, ample space, large area, light, beautiful, modern linear appearance, good seismic performance.
Large-span prefab steel building structure is mainly used in stadiums, conference halls, large shopping malls, exhibition halls, event centers, and other large public event buildings, hangars, workshops, decorative halls, etc.  

Large-span Steel Structure Buildings

Light steel villa

Light steel villa, also known as light steel structure house, is a lightweight steel keel synthesized from hot-dip galvanized aluminum steel strip through cold rolling technology.
The steel wall structure system comprises light steel multi-ribbed beams and columns and the maintenance structure. It has excellent physical performance indicators, a short construction period, and a sound insulation effect.
All structural components are made of high-strength galvanized steel to ensure the service life of the house. All components are cold-formed by the factory’s precision machinery assembly line, and the dimensional accuracy is in millimeters, which is unmatched by other structures.
 The prefab steel building structure is a residential structural system suitable for innovation. The steel structure can be designed with various shapes, sizes, and spaces of new houses following people’s different aesthetics and functional requirements. The manufacturer can complete it with high precision, high quality, and high speed so that the building achieves both beautiful and economic effects.

Lightweight Prefab Steel Building Structure

The light steel structure comprises only round steel, small-angle steel, and thin-walled steel. The light steel structure’s roof load is more delicate, so the members’ cross-section is smaller and thinner. In addition to the lightweight of ordinary steel structure, uniform material, accurate and reliable stress calculation, simple processing and manufacturing, the high degree of industrialization, and convenient transportation, it generally has the advantages of suitable material acquisition, less material consumption, and lighter weight.

The steel consumption of light steel structure is generally 8~15kg/㎡, close to the steel consumption of reinforced concrete under the same conditions. It can save a lot of wood, cement, and other building materials and reduce the ordinary steel structure’s structural weight. 70~80% of the total cost, the total cost is relatively low.

The lightweight prefab steel building structure is a field that has developed rapidly in the past ten years. The United States accounts for more than 50% of non-residential construction investment. This structure has a high degree of industrialization and commercialization, fast construction, high comprehensive benefits, and significant market demand. It has attracted the attention of structural designers. This structure is widely used in warehouses, offices, industrial garages, and sports facilities.

Steel tube concrete structure

A concrete-filled steel tube (CFST) is a construction component made by filling steel tubes with plain concrete. It has the outstanding advantages of high bearing capacity, good seismic performance, steel saving, and simple construction, so it has been widely used in high-rise and super high-rise buildings. Its promotion and development speed is very rapid, and it will become a convenient and main structural form of high-rise and super high-rise buildings in the 21st century.

concrete-filled steel tube

The characteristics of the structure are:

  1. The compressive and shear bearing capacity of the concrete-filled steel tube column is high, which is equivalent to more than twice the sum of steel tube and concrete;
  2. Compared with reinforced concrete columns, the concrete-filled steel tube columns reduce the cross-section by more than 60%, and the outline size is also smaller than that of steel columns, which expands the use space and area of ​​the building;
  3. The reduction cross-section of column and removal weight is conducive to seismic resistance of the structure, which is equivalent to a decrease of fortification intensity by one level;
  4. The self-weight of the concrete-filled steel tube column is reduced, which reduces the load on the foundation and correspondingly reduces the cost of the foundation;
  5. The thin wall of the steel pipe is convenient for material selection, manufacturing, and field welding, which is a high-speed construction structure;
  6. The concrete in the concrete-filled steel tube column can absorb a large amount of heat energy, and its fire resistance is better than that of the steel column so that it can save more than 50% of the refractory coating than the steel column.
    Its good overall performance also overcomes the shortcomings of local instability of ordinary steel columns. Therefore, compared with reinforced concrete columns, it can reduce cross-section design by more than 60%.
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