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Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings for Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural

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Metal Buildings Solution

Metal Buildings design from Havit Steel provides an optimized solution for your project. Our professional team is ready to serve any buildings. We can provide you with the most efficient design and construction plan, which is fast and smooth to complete construction for your steel building projects.

Metal Buildings
Steel Barn Building

Steel Barn Building

Steel Barn Building has a variety of purposes on-farm, such as equipment storage or animal shelters. The barn is the…

Steel Shed Building

Steel Shed Building

Steel Shed building is pre-engineered steel structures that can use for storage in a variety of applications, agricultural machinery, or…

Metal Storage Building

Metal Storage Building

The metal storage building is modern solutions for all your storage needs. The strength and durability of the steel structure…

Heavy Steel Workshop

Heavy Steel Workshop

With the development of society and the economy, to meet the increasing scale of production and operation, industrial manufacturing enterprises…

Metal Buildings Specification

Metal Building Kits

Steel Building Kits design from Havit Steel with advantage of Fast and Simple Construction, Wide Range Of Uses, Reasonable Cost, lower price than concrete building structure.

Metal Cladding System

Metal cladding system includes wall and roof cladding, skylight sheet, trim and flashing, gutter and downspout, insulation, which are essential components of metal building.

Steel Building Specs

Steel Building Specification provide the basic information about the Prefab Steel Building, which include Steel Warehouse, Industrial Workshop, Shed, and Garage Building.

We Are Here To Serve Any Type Of Metal Buildings

Please contact us. There’s a lot we can do for your steel building projects, small or large. Our team will provide you with the best quality construction solution



Wall and Roof System, Trim and Flashing

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Metal Cladding System

The metal cladding system includes wall cladding, roof cladding, skylight sheet, flashing and trim, gutter as well as insulation materials. They are essential components of steel structure building, which determines the appearance, waterproof, and thermal insulation of the building.

The components of Metal Cladding System

Metal cladding system include Corrugated Metal Sheet, Glass Wool Insulation, Skylight Sheet, EPS sandwich panel, Glass Wool/Rock Wool Sandwich Panel and Polyurethane (PU) Sandwich Panel.

Corrugated Metal Sheet

Corrugated Metal Sheet is the steel plate with organic coating, which has the advantage of corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, convenient processing and forming, it has the original strength of the steel plate and lower cost.


Insulation cotton is used for coils made for large-area laying. In addition to maintaining the characteristics of heat insulation, it also has excellent shock absorption and sound absorption characteristics.

Daylighting Panel

The daylighting panel can lay from the roof ridge to the eave, parallel to the gable wall, which provides sufficient natural light for the interior, and does not affect the drainage of the metal roof panel.

Glass wool sandwich panel

Glass wool is an excellent inorganic insulation material. The prominent characteristics of glass wool are excellent fire resistance, high flame retardancy, and moisture absorption, and its price is low. The thermal conductivity of the glass wool sandwich panel is not more than 0.038 W / (m2 • K).

Polystyrene (EPS) sandwich panel

Polystyrene is a material with polystyrene resin as the primary raw material, which is made of foaming agent and has numerous closed micropores inside. The price is low, and the strength is slightly worse. The thermal conductivity is not higher than 0.038W / (m2 • K).

Polyurethane (PU) sandwich panel

Polyurethane sandwich panel has a thermal conductivity of not more than 0.033 W / (m2 • K), has excellent thermal insulation performance, excellent water resistance, high strength, foam can be made into any shape, and is suitable for field construction.

Trim and Flashing for Metal Cladding System

The trim and flashing used for waterproofing. Generally refers to the colored metal sheet bending parts at the door, window, corner, eaves, canopy and other parts of steel structure buildings

The installation of Wall Panel

The step of wall panel installation, which is applicable to guide the construction process of on-site, the installation of sandwich…

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Steel Building Accessories

During the installation process of the wall and roof system, steel building accessories use to ensure the panels fixed to…

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Base Trim

The base trim is a barrier between the bottom of the exterior wall cladding and the foundation. Angle steel bolted to the edge of the concrete floor. The base trim is connected to the angle steel, forming a ledge under the exterior wall panel.

The Base trim uses to prevent the bottom of the wall panel from contacting the concrete slab and protect the metal sheet, and
cover the irregularities of the foundation edges to make the foundation edges more neat and beautiful

Wall Corner Trim

The Wall corner trim placed at the exterior walls corners of the metal building to cover the joints where the sidewalls and the end wall panels meet for waterproof and decoration.


The gutter is an essential component of the roof drainage system, which used to collect rainwater and drain it through the downspout temporarily. The overlap of the gutter is 100mm, and rivets connect the overlap.

Gutter classification:
1. steel plate.
2. galvanized plate.
3. stainless steel.
4. metal color sheet.

Roof Ridge Cap

The metal ridge trim is at the highest point of the ridge, where the two roof panels overlap, the trim arranged along the hill, where the two ribs intersect.
The ridge trim cap erects after the roof panel finishes installing.

Gable Trim

The angle of the gable trim matches the slope of the gable roof and covers the joint formed by the intersection of the roof panel and the end wall panel on the steel building, and there is no overhang at the roofline.

The combination of the gable trim and sealant provides a waterproof seal for your roof system.

How To Install Metal Cladding Panel

In recent years, metal buildings widely used in workshop and warehouse buildings, exhibition halls, and office buildings, which due to the low steel consumption, fast and straightforward installation, and a high degree of industrial production. It promoted the development of the metal cladding system, which from singularity to diversification, and then triggered a change in new design and installed the metal building cladding panel. The metal cladding system of steel…

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